Our Blue Moon Guarantee

We design our clothes to be your ride-or-die through the sweatiest yoga sesh, the longest run, and the leg-shakingest workout. But even the best manufacturing practices can produce a defective item once in a blue moon.

We stand behind our products and their ability to fulfill their intended purpose and life cycle. If you’ve purchased an item in the last year that’s failed to live up to reasonable expectations, we want to know.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept:

  • Items damaged by misuse, misadventure, or abuse—like a tumble through a briar patch or an encounter with a teething puppy.
  • Items damaged by flood, fire, mold, moths and other disasters.
  • Items laundered counter to their attached instructions.
  • Items returned for personal reasons unrelated to product quality, outside our regular return policy.
  • Items that are soiled, stained, or contaminated.
  • Items not made and sold by Zyia Active.
  • Items that have fulfilled their intended lifespan.

We carefully monitor quality and have a dedicated team that works hard to ensure you’re treated fairly. In addition to receiving special training to recognize quality problems, they also track and report on trends so our product design team can constantly improve what we make. Monitoring trends by account also allows us to identify and prevent abuse.

Fortunately, our quality-related returns are very low. But if you’ve got a “blue moon” item, we want to know.

Once we receive your information, a member of our Blue Moon team will reach out to you within three business days. There’s no need to create an additional ticket inside our support portal.